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Targeting Customers using Facebook Audiences

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Over the last year, your in-person store has grown into an exceptional selling channel for your brand.

Each month, thousands of people walk through your door with the intention of making a purchase and putting new profits in your pocket.

At the end of the year, you find yourself thinking:

I wish I could market to those same kinds of people for the upcoming season.

With Facebook Audiences, you can

Facebook Audiences

Facebook Audiences let you do the following:

1.) Create an audience that markets your Ads to visitors who have made purchases on your site before (past conversions)

2.) Create an audience to market to those who have added something to cart but did not go through with the purchase (abandoned cart audience)

3.) Create an audience for those who have interacted with your social pages in the past, like your Facebook or Instagram Page

4.) Create an audience for all our your website visitors for a given period

Lookalike Audiences

Using Lookalike audiences, Facebook can create user groups who appear almost identical to the “features” of your original audience.

How can they do this?

The answer is User Data.

Facebook tracks your user’s behavior based on events that have occurred on your website) and then uses that data to find the closest Facebook users to market to.

Lookalike audiences is arguably one of the most powerful features of Facebook Advertising and re-marketing tools in general.

Using Lookalikes, you can:

1.) Create a lookalike audience for all of your website visitors

2.) Create a lookalike audience for those who made purchases on your site

3.) Create a lookalike audience for those who have interacted with your social pages

Why Lookalike Audiences?

Imagine having to predict the age, interests, and browsing history of people you are marketing to.

With interest targeting, you can accomplish one of the above things.

But with lookalike audiences, you can use other people’s actual behavior with your website or social pages to predict the quality of those you will be marketing your ads to.

What is better than that?

User behavior is the most predictive element of marketing analysis

Audience Manager

Facebook’s audience settings are highly customizable and can be easily found in your Business Manager account.

Need help setting this up? Just reach out

When I tell them to create a new lookalike audience for 1% of my Store's purchases audience, they build a group of 2.3M Facebook Users who resemble a user type closest to those who have checked out on their store. When I increase that scope to 5%, that group becomes 11M.

After talking to a Facebook Marketing Expert, Facebook now recommends tailoring this number closer to 5% as a modern best practice.

How to Get Started Now

Before you can start creating custom audiences and targeted ads on Facebook, you must install Facebook Pixel on your website.

Then, properly set up Events on your website using Facebook's Events Manager or by installing the code yourself.

You must begin tracking those events on your site to create new audiences based on this data.

The next step is to use the audiences you created by creating ad groups based on them.

Using the correct tracking tools and conversion reports will allow you to view your ad results like below:

* Lowering your cost per result is the meat and bones of Facebook Ad optimization.

Although the conversion value is not shown above, this e-commerce campaign of ours resulted in a total conversion value equal to just under 10% of their total annual sales in just under 10 days.

Conclusion, Where to Go from here

With a great ad optimization strategy, you'll be able to reach people who you may have never had the chance to reach or even known about before.

Facebook audiences allow you to identify key features and behavior that influence your best chances of successfully targeting the most valuable customers using Facebook Ads.

The rest is up to your marketing expert.

For more information on getting started with Facebook Ads, check out this Step-by-Step Starter Guide from a Facebook Marketing Expert

Stay Hungry,

- West

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