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Marketing During Covid – Quick Tips

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Okay. So things were going fine. Your ecommerce store was doing exactly what it was supposed to do:

- Selling -

You may have even been getting ready to market to your social users using Facebook’s Sell on Facebook feature or even Facebook Marketplace.

Then the inevitable happened.

And it could have been a lot worse.

With everything that has happened, we thought we’d leave you with a few tips that make more sense than simply stopping your marketing plans completely during Covid:

1.) Market your Highest Margin Products on Ads –

Even though the lowest margin products can get clicks, and lead to a higher value purchase occasionally, there is a sure way to cut back on running all your ad campaigns at once and expecting the same result as before the pandemic.

Market groups of products that lead more to your bottom line or whose conversions will lead to more success for your business during covid.

We usually experience this knowledge in two ways: which products our clients know will do best on Ads and which products actually do best from their full batch.

And, as usual, our clients always know best which products those are.

2.) Sale Marketing

Most customers know when your business holds seasonal sales.

But during Covid, have you attempted to reach customers to let them know that you have certain batches of products that must go.

Sale marketing is a great way to get extra clicks from Ads and help clear your shelf.

We love helping customers optimize for products that must go, and we’ll even give you the data feedback necessary to see if spending money on these ads is profitable for you.

3.) Optimize for In-Person Sales

Even with the temporary closure of offices there are still SO many potential opportunities to bring your best visitors in at the right time.

Branded product ads are a great way to gain traction directly to product pages.

For driving traffic to In-store purchases, informing the public that you are still open or even reminding them of something special about you business or even a new Covid deal can be a great idea.

We’ll help you run ads that lead to people coming in at the right time.

For help with Ads during Covid, contact West

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